This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 946255




What is RE-CREATE?
RE-CREATE is our most innovative thinking at CRIATERRA. Here we take our materials and technologies to new places, offering constructive sustainable solutions to the building industry. At CRIATERRA Innovations we aim to drive green construction towards a circular reality and develop the highest quality sustainable green building materials. These materials are designed to outperform traditional building materials and be to priced for widespread adoption. To reach our goals, we have established a strategic technology optimization plan, which we have called RE-CREATE.

The RE-CREATE innovation project expands our product portfolio and optimizes our production technology – making it faster and more efficient. It also reduces production costs, which will translate into the best products at affordable prices.
RE-CREATE lays the foundation for future development of additional building products such as masonry bricks.
CRIATERRA’s pioneering R&D combines our eco-innovative manufacturing process as well as extensively researched, 100% natural material mixtures to create regenerative, high strength (100% as strong as concrete) and high thermal resistance (600% as resistant as concrete) construction materials.


How do we do it?
CRIATERRA completely eliminates the most environmentally harmful elements in the traditional production process of materials such as concrete and ceramics. Our innovative technique uses only 5% of the embedded energy used in conventional building material production and creates less than 3% of the emissions of these conventional methods. Our process creates no waste and uses up to 70% upcycled natural content from quarry waste. To attain our goal of becoming a global leader in state-of-the-art green building materials and products, we plan to expand our product line from our interior wall tiles to wider product offerings, including outdoor cladding and masonry bricks.


In RE-CREATE we created a detailed roadmap of our next innovation project activities.
The RE-CREATE innovation project focuses on our immediate R&D goals including:

  • Even better natural coatings to make them withstand the roughest conditions.
  • Even better property performance, such as thermal insulation.
  • Expanding our product lines and collections – introducing new sizes, shapes and functionality.
  • Advanced manufacturing technologies.

RE-CREATE will optimize and validate the scalability of our novel production process. It will enable us to cut costs and make our products price competitive.


How scalable is our technology?
Our technology has been developed to be unlimited in scalability. All materials used in our mixtures are readily available and up to 70% can be upcycled materials from agriculture or quarry byproducts. During our RE-CREATE project, we will develop new solutions/methods to automate or semi automate current manual processes and optimize our pilot production line.
RE-CREATE is an important step towards our expansion of our indoor tiles and entry into the outdoor cladding markets by increasing the size of our tiles, their resistance to weather conditions and their fit to production at industrial scale.


When creating green building products, we at CRIATERRA Innovations believe it is not enough to make minor reductions in ecological footprint.
CRIATERRA redesigned the entire lifecycle of these products from an eco-innovative protocol, without compromising sustainability, strength, and affordability. The CRIATERRA technology allows the creation of a new generation of building materials designed to support the transformation of the building sector into a resource efficient, circular economy.

RE-CREATE is a detailed plan for developing the next CRIATERRA products. Our products are designed specifically with regenerative sustainability in mind, hold the capacity to facilitate the industry’s shift towards a circular economy, minimize resource use and foster materials’ reuse, recovery and recyclability in the future.

Our materials have extremely low embodied energy due to our redesign of both the products and the production method to achieve energy savings throughout their entire lifecycle.



Our goal is to continue and develop products that can replace the most basic construction products, including the common masonry brick. We manufactured advanced prototypes that prove that this is achievable with CRIATERRA’s technology.

One of our goals is to mass-produce a smartly designed masonry brick, which will offer superior thermal insulation. This would enable the widest benefit from our R&D and IP.

We estimate that every 10m³ built with CRIATERRA masonry bricks instead of conventional blocks will save 1 ton CO2-eq.

This will have massive environmental impact:
Consider that an office project with 10,000 sqm of built wall needs ~ 113,615 standard blocks, leading to carbon emission reductions of 1.52 x 113,615 = 173 tons of CO2-eq.

CRIATERRA’s uniqueness is in dramatically changing the entire paradigm of production for construction.

CRIATERRA Innovations goes far beyond making minor reductions in ecological footprint. The uniqueness of CRIATERRA is in the redesign of the entire lifecycle of construction products, without compromising sustainability, strength, and affordability.

CRIATERRA introduces a paradigm shift: building materials designed to support the transformation of the building sector into a resource efficient, circular economy.