According to him that the merely point he is able to remember was getting in touch with new medically cutting-edge Vidiians

To the a beautiful entire world about Delta Quadrant, Chief Chakotay, and you may Captain Kathryn Janeway is awakened using their stasis tools because of the Your medical professional, exactly who reports they own been in stasis for seventeen weeks. He regrets to tell them you to definitely, even after most of the their and you will Kes’ efforts, he has perhaps not discovered a cure for the illness both officers was contaminated which have. It appears that the only way the 2 officers can avoid development the fresh new deadly attacks is to stick to worldwide, in which an unknown element is able to cover them regarding the disease’s consequences. Janeway terminates the new com relationship to discuss the condition with Chakotay, and you may both concur that brand new Vidiians manage probably assault the latest team getting body parts in the place of give services. Chakotay requires once they you may accept themselves after giving brand new USS Voyager on that kind of chances. Janeway’s implied response is no.

Resolutions (episode)

Janeway hails Lieutenant Tuvok and you will requires him if he had heard New Physician’s report. Whenever Tuvok feedback that he keeps, Janeway tells him you to definitely she’s flipping more order of Voyager in order to your to your a long-term base. She orders your to set a course towards Alpha Quadrant, and you may, despite what the Doctor states, never to get in touch with the brand new Vidiians. Tuvok recognizes he understood Janeway’s requests. Janeway says to Tuvok you to definitely she will prepare a contact with the staff.

Work You to definitely

Tuvok, Lieutenants B’Elanna Torres and you may Tom Paris, Kes, Neelix, and Ensign Harry Kim talk about the captain’s last order to go away him or her behind whilst in an event regarding the briefing room. Torres and you may Paris try understandably and vocally distraught at choice, while you are Kes says to men that the Doc has not deactivated himself to own 1 month trying to all of the alternatives to own a remedy and that he cannot be to blame. Neelix states one team comfort will suffer “if we get off him or her trailing.” Tuvok asserts it is not a question of in the event that, however, out of after they hop out this new chief and you will Chakotay about, as decision had been produced. Tuvok assures the staff that they will have got all the fresh new scientific conveniences might need, and that brand new head, “a ready researcher,” will work into a cure for the trojan. Is she allow it to be, he’s got a questionnaire nine shuttlecraft at its discretion. Paris scoffs you to at a top rate off warp 4, it needs him or her seven hundred many years to track down family. On whole replace, Kim is hushed and you can dejected, and you may remains inside the seat immediately after Tuvok dismisses the employees.

Janeway and you may Chakotay start to get a hold of around during the its some thing directed on them. She lists away from an excellent dizzying assortment of search devices that have determined optimism, to be certain Chakotay one she actually is sure of finding a remedy. Chakotay initiate carrying its makeshift safeguards more, and asks the lady hence means she desired it. She informs place the gray externally and also the beige internally, because the she’s always checked top inside the beige. Janeway claims which is enjoyable to crude they having some time. Chakotay feedback that as opposed to security, seats, tricorders, and you may a beneficial replicator, it absolutely was as well crude getting your. Janeway replies that they don’t, yet not, keeps a shower, whenever Chakotay inquires as to what she mode, she states that a shower is the lady favorite technique for relaxing. She together with tells him one to, because they commonly within the a demand design any longer, he would be to name their Kathryn. A tiny threatened, the guy tells this lady you to definitely she is to provide your a few days on that.

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